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Based In Leicester, UK


Welcome to Mistry Media, the new services coming soon to your home : Mistry Digital, Mistry NET,Mistry DVD's & Mistry Talk. These services are much better than Sky and Virgin Media, as they are much cheaper, but with more qualities. You can get the Mistry Dig. to your TV either via Cable or Satellite, whatever you prefer!
We are currently under construction!

!!Special Offer!!

Mistry DVD's is the one and only fantastic service, where you can watch anything you want, whenever you want and plus on a DVD! Simply suscribe and tell us what programs you would like. We have a choice from Kids to Movies for all the family.


This site is created by Rikesh Mistry


Mistry Digital PLUS,NET & Broadband is coming out in 2008, PLUS The new TV Guide (beta and under construction TV Guide below) comes with pause features, recording and more!!!


Phone: Sorry, not available yet!
NEW!! Download The New Update Of Our TV Guide Just Below (15th August 2007)

click here to download file

click here to view the latest TV GUIDE!!

Click on the download above too see a bit of our future TV Guide!

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